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Travel Program and Teams



Age PU Jersey Parent Meeting Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
8U 4/24, 510pm 4/24, 510pm 4/24, 610-7pm North TBD, if needed TBD, if needed
10U 4/22, 1230pm 4/22, 1230pm 4/22, 2-320pm North 4/26, 530-650pm North TBD, if needed
12U 4/22, 330pm 4/22, 330pm 4/22, 5-620pm North 4/26, 740-9pm North TBD, if needed
14U 4/22, 5pm 4/22, 5pm 4/22, 630-750pm North 4/25, 810-930pm South TBD, if needed
16U 4/22, 630pm 4/22, 630pm 4/22, 8-920pm North 4/24, 710-830pm North 4/27, 8-920pm South
18U 4/22, 2pm 4/22, 2pm 4/22, 330-450pm North 4/25, 9-1020pm North 4/27, 8-920pm South
ALL Goalies 4/22, 10am NA 4/22, 11am-1220pm North

Ron Evans

Executive Director

2023-2024 Travel Head Coaches

10U Sky Head Coach – Rick Guntang

12U Sky Head Coach – Chris Layman

14U Sky Head Coach – Ryan Roteman

16U Sky Head Coach – Chris Borner

18U Sky Head Coach – Chris Borner


Sky head coaches will be running the spring travel tryout prep.


2023 Piedmont Predators Spring Selects Travel Tryout Prep

Please read carefully below.  We are still offering the same opportunities for Spring Travel players as we have in the past, but in a slightly different format. The Travel Tryout Prep Program is intended for players who will try out for Piedmont Predators Fall Travel teams.  Players who enroll for this program will be expected to be proficient at a minimum of Travel B level.  Players below this level may be removed from the program and refunded their prorated registration fee.

Beginning the week of March 6, we will offer 7 once a week practices, leading up to Fall Travel tryouts, under the name “Travel Tryout Prep.” 

The tentative practice schedule is listed below.  The number of players registered for the Travel Tryout Prep program may cause slight changes in this schedule.

10U - Thursdays, 6:00pm-7:20pm North Rink (Birth Years 2013 and 2014)

12U - Thursdays, 6:40pm-8:00pm South Rink (Birth Years 2011 and 2012)

14U - Thursdays, 7:30pm-8:0pm North Rink (Birth Years 2009 and 2010)

16U, 18U - Mondays, 7:30pm-8:50pm South Rink (Birth Years 2005 – 2008)

The Travel Tryout Prep program fee is $249.00.

It is strongly recommended that players who intend to try out for our Fall Travel teams participate in the Travel Tryout Prep program.  Offering this alternative program allows us to avoid the necessity and cost of holding a separate Spring tryout, while also allowing players to remain on the ice and, in most cases, work with the head coach for the fall season.

Head coaches will be announced prior to tryouts where possible.  If you are interested in being considered for a head coaching position, please contact Ron Evans at

Fall tryouts will be held April 22-23.  Complete Fall Travel team information and tryout registration will be available by April 1, 2023.

After Fall teams are selected, those teams will begin 5 once a week practices starting the week of April 24.  The Fall Travel teams will then participate in the CCM Showdown at Prince William Ice Center in early May and the Memorial Day tournament at Iceworks in Aston, PA.  Then, the teams will be off the ice until our typical season start time in mid-August.

If you have any questions about this program or the Piedmont Hockey Club, contact Ron Evans at


Does the $249 Travel Tryout Prep include the 7 practices AND the try out registration fee?

No.  There will be a separate tryout fee and registration.  Fall tryout fees for Piedmont are typically $100 and consistent, or less, than other local programs.

If my player does the Travel Tryout Prep program, does that mean they are on the Fall Travel team?

No.  Players seeking to be placed on Fall Travel teams will be required to participate in fall tryouts.

If my player does the Travel Tryout Prep are they required to try out for the Fall Travel team?

No.  The Travel Tryout Prep gives your player the opportunity to skate in the group of players that will most likely be attending our Fall Travel tryout and get to know the coaches who will, in most cases, be the coach for the Fall Travel teams.  It also allows the coaches to get to know your player a little better than a 2-3 session tryout allows.

Will my player be evaluated during the Travel Tryout Prep?

Your player is constantly being evaluated from the time they arrive to the property until the time they leave.

Is there an additional fee for the remaining 5 practices and the 2 tournaments occurring in the spring?

The cost for the 5 practices (starting week of April 24) will be covered by the Fall fees.  We hope that the Fall Travel teams will participate in 2 Spring tournaments, but participation will be on a team-by-team basis.  A separate tournament registration fee assessment will be collected by Fall teams attending Spring tournaments.

If my player makes a travel team, will we be asked to sign a contract that requires him to be part of the travel team for the fall?

At some point prior to, during, or shortly after tryouts, players families will be required to sign a financial agreement for the season.  Tryout registration will open April 1.  Complete program information, including the contract procedure will be available prior to that date.

Who will be the coaches for the Fall Travel teams?

Sky (top team) coaches, who are generally non-parent, long time Piedmont coaches will be announced prior to April 1 and, in most cases, prior to March 1.  Coaches for Navy (second teams) are generally parent coaches.  Typically, we identify Navy coaching candidates after team selections are made.

Why can’t you name the Navy coach prior to tryouts?

For a potential parent coach, volunteering to coach a Navy team is automatically placing their own player on the second team with no chance to make Sky.  That is not a fair process for the parent coach’s player.  Further, we don’t know until tryouts are conducted how many teams will be formed.

Will the full team roster be shared prior to being asked to sign a contract?

No.  Tryouts are a difficult but necessary part of any competitive program.  The tryout and selection process are very stressful for everyone involved, from players to parents, coaches to administrators.  There are few feelings worse than being cut from a travel tryout.  We want to avoid cutting players unnecessarily if a selected player does not accept their spot on a team.  Signed contracts will be collected prior to the announcement of team rosters, as is typical with other area programs.