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03/09/2016, 4:15pm EST
By Predators

Give Hockey a Shot For FREE!

Session 2 Saturdays March 19 – May 7 from 0930 -1050. *March 26 blackout date.


Haymarket Iceplex and Piedmont Hockey are excited to announce that we are offering “Try Hockey for Free”.  Bring your son or daughter out to the rink for session 2 of try hockey for free.  We have had overwhelming success in getting kids out to the rink, so we will need to limit the number of skaters to the first 35 skaters that register.  Please register at You are signing up for a session, meaning you can come to as many or as few of the events as you chose during the session.  You can only sign up for one session; you cannot attend more than one session without prior approval.  


What you need to know:

  1.  Try Hockey for free is only open to kids with less than one year of skating/hockey experience and UNDER the age of 10 (birth year 2005 or later).  If your son or daughter is currently registered in a hockey program (this does not include hockey skating lessons 1, 2, or 3 or Learn to Play Hockey), please do not register them to participate.  This is only open to those who have not played or are not currently playing hockey. This is for beginners so don’t worry if your son or daughter is not a great skater…we just want to get the kids on the ice. 
  2. This is a completely free event.  We do have a limited number of helmets and other hockey gear, so we encourage you to bring your own helmet (bike helmet if you do not have a hockey helmet) and any other protect gear you may have. 
  3. Hockey equipment will be passed out to those that arrive first.  If you don’t have equipment and you want your young superstar to get the full hockey experience, you will need to arrive at least 40-45 minutes early. 
  4. We will have coaches and hockey parents available to assist in getting the kids dressed and on the ice.