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02/03/2021, 12:45pm EST
By Predators

Girl’s ice hockey is growing by leaps and bounds around the world and especially here in the United States. Join Piedmont Hockey Club in celebrating this growth with all of the opportunities we have to offer girl hockey players.

Piedmont Hockey Club started our girl’s program this past season with a strong commitment to girl’s hockey. In our first season, we captured the Potomac Valley Amateur Hockey Association playoff championship at both the 19U and 16U levels. By doing so, our teams have earned a birth to the Southeast District Playoffs, which could lead to competing in USA Hockey Nationals.

We have a dedicated Girl’s Director in Peter Townsend, who has years of experience in growing and developing girl’s hockey in our area. Several of his daughters have played and one of his daughters currently plays for Piedmont’s 19U Girl’s team. Piedmont’s Executive Director, Ron Evans, has a daughter who plays for Piedmont’s 16U Girl’s team. We also have a primarily female coaching staff.

Join the Predators, who have a demonstrated commitment to girl’s hockey by participating in one of the following opportunities.

2021 Predators Girl’s Spring Development – details and registration on our Girl’s page.

Girl’s Try Hockey for Free – details on our Girl’s page.

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